*SHARK  BITE (Stamile, P. ) TET 827-A  [{(True Grit x Admirals Braid) x (Unknown x Song Without Words)] X Tetra Green Widow}   28” ERe. nofr. emo. ev.  7” x 2” x 1 ¼”.  5-6 way branching.   25-30 buds.  Our first introduction from Tetra Green Widow.  Tetra Green Widow is extremely hard to use so I have found using the seedlings from it to be faster and more productive.  Tetra Green Widow like Tetra Spindazzle seems to want to give shark's’teeth and SHARK BITE is the best example of this.  A cream with an overlay of pink with gold shark’s teeth.  Like most shark’s toothed cultivars it needs warm weather to really “show its teeth” but when it’s warm out it definitely is not safe to go into the water.
     This is our only introduction in the Triple B Collection that is not a uf or spider but with its induced spider parent on one of the narrowest cultivars with teeth I believe it to be extremely important.  Moreover the color is so different from other toothy cultivars which have tended to be lavender and purple.  This is the first pink with gold sharks teeth I know of.  The whole flower is suffused with the green of its pollen parent.  Unfortunately, this cultivar may be pod sterile.  Pollen fertile only……………………...$100.00