*SHORES OF TIME (Stamile,P) TET 1325-A (Shimmering Elegance x Ed Brown) X (Red Fang x Northern Glitter) 26 EMRe. fr. emo. Dor.  5½ x 3 3/8 x 2. 6-way branching. 3540 buds.  Hybridizers have struggled with the gold-edged daylilies for some time.  When we get the petals wide and full and the edges big and braided the flower hangs up on itself and has to be pried open.  Or we get the nice braided edge but the petals are narrow and strapping. Or the edges are there, the petals wide and the flower opens well but the colors are muddy. Or we finally get it all together and the scapes are too low with the flowers and branching in the leaves. Or it is too tender or too weak a grower. The litany goes on. SHORES OF TIME is one daylily that overcomes it all. First, it is exceptionally wide petaled, with petals almost 3½ wide on a 5½ flower. Second, despite having big heavy ruffles, owl-ears and a braided gold edge it never hangs up and opens early and easily. Third, the flower is a clear hot rose pink. Fourth, it has wonderful scapes with exceptional branching and bud count for a dormant in the deep South. Plant habit is exquisite with beautiful arching foliage allowing all branches and flowers present themselves without crowding. Fifth, the plant is vigorous and should grow everywhere daylilies are grown. Sixth, it is fragrant.     Am I proud of this daylily?  You bet!  I think it is one of the best daylilies I have ever done.

     As a breeder it should be noted that its sibling has waxy green edges so I think SHORES OF TIME could be used in a green edged program in pinks, lavenders, purples and reds.  Picking up the recessive dormancy from SHIMMERING ELEGANCE and NORTHERN GLITTER, SHORES OF TIME should be an important part of any program for edged dormants.  A great daylily.  Fertile both ways.