Silver Rings
*Silver Rings

*SILVER RINGS (Stamile,P.) TET 3101-B (Northern Fancy x Bella Sera) 35” LaRe. Emo. Ev. 5.75” x 3.5” x 2”. 7- way branching ( 4 laterals + terminal “w”). 40-45 buds.
    Daylily color in June and July in the South or August and September in the North can be achieved two ways. Either you have a reliable rebloomer like the “modern Stellas” QUARTZ RAINBOW and CLEAR MOUNTAIN MORNING or you have a late bloomer like LAST SNOWFLAKE or SILVER RINGS.  SILVER RINGS brings great lavender color to the late season, blooming in mid June in Florida, a full month past peak bloom. SILVER RINGS brings a cooling color when the temperatures here are in the mid 90s.
It gets its name from the ring-like lavender eye and double edge rings of blue lavender and gray lavender. The gray lavender outer edge appears metallic and “silvery” hence the name. The base color of the flower is a plum lavender blend.
Form of the flower is round and overlapped. The bud count is outstanding and second only to QUARTZ RAINBOW in this year’s collection.
Fertility is unknown. The pollen appears normal and healthy but has not been tested. The same is true for pod fertility. With temperatures in the mid 90s when SILVER RINGS is in bloom we are no longer crossing. I would appreciate feedback from others as to SILVER RINGS fertility and the kind of seedlings you get from it. A very fine late.