Some Sweet Day

*SOME SWEET DAY (Stamile,P.) TET 2181 ([(Arctic Lace x Northern Glitter) X Walking In Beauty]  35” MRe. no fr. emo. Ev.  6 ¼” x 3 ½” x 2 ¼”. 5-way branching (3 laterals + terminal ”Y”).
    Ah, my workhorse! This is one daylily I depend on in hybridizing. Why you might ask would you depend on SOME SWEET DAY? Well you have to go back to some of the pitfalls of the modern fancy daylily. Most of the fanciest faced seedlings I bloom don’t have scapes that are too short but rather they have very tall upright foliage. Most of this upright foliage goes back to ADMIRAL’S BRAID or IDA’S MAGIC but also to many many conversions that pass on this trait. The result is daylilies that are superb off scape but bloom down in the foliage in clumps. SOME SWEET DAY at 35” with low arching foliage is almost too tall for the foliage and so makes a perfect tool to use. Also some of the extremely ruffled fancy edged daylilies will hang up and need to be pried open. This is a trait that I despise. I have never seen SOME SWEET DAY hang up even when it has the most elaborate hooks, knobs and braids. The flowers seem programmed to snap open.
SOME SWEET DAY seems primed to go any color. I have gotten beautiful pinks, lavenders, reds and purples out of this beautiful lavender rose. Many of its seedlings have a deep chartreuse to emerald green cast to the edges.
    Lastly SOME SWEET DAY is easily pod and pollen fertile so it gets quite a work out taking pollen from new induced tetraploids. An important breeder.