*STONE  BEACON (Stamile,P,) TET 7458 {[Earth Angel x Betty Warren Woods x Floyd Cove)] X Bill Norris} 26”  ERe. nofr. emo. ext. ev.  6” x   2 ¾” x 1 ¾”.  6-way branching.   35 buds.  Nicknamed “Chrome Yellow” in the garden, this was the one flower every hybridizer took note of, asked about or complimented me upon.  Jeff Salter, Dan Trimmer, David Kirchhoff and Curt Hanson all have commented favorably about STONE BEACON.  What makes it so special?  Isn’t it “just another yaller”?  As you can see from the proportions above it certainly is not the width of petal and there are certainly more ruffled big yellows on the market.  What separates this yellow and makes it so special?  It is the combination of three things:  1.  Great luminescent chrome yellow color.  There is no cream or pink or melon base here. This is a yellow that screams yellow. 2.  Fabulous bud count, branching and plant habit which hold these big flowers out so they can open well. 3. Very early bloom which consistently opens well even if the nights are cool.
     An especially important property to the hybridizer is this is a true big deep clean yellow like the Harris-Petree-Whatley-Henry yellows.  But unlike the early big lemon yellows STONE BEACON is an easy pod parent.
    Great substance, great color and great scapes.  I think a lot of people will find this to be one of their favorite daylilies in the garden.  Easily fertile both ways…………………….$100.00