*TEACUP FINGERS (Stamile,P.) TET 091-L  (Waiting In The Wings X Web Browser) 38” MRe. Ev. fr. emo. diamond dusted.  10½” x 1 5/8” x 1 1/8”. 15” wingspan. 6-way branching. 30-35 buds. Strong erect scapes. Spider variant. Petal length 7¼”. Petal width 1 5/8”. Spider ratio 4.4.
 This is named for the classic Bob Fosse choreographic move of grasping a hat’s brim between index finger and thumb while the other digits are splayed. TEACUP FINGERS with its long and narrow digits are splayed but in this case gently twisted instead of pinched.  This beautiful cherry red spider variant with its huge green throat shading subtly into chartreuse before ending in a bright cherry red, is a fabulous flower.  You can tell by the seedling number (091-L) how many others of this cross were kept (091-A through, at least L). This was a remarkably successful cross but TEACUP FINGERS, in my opinion, is the best.  A must for the hybridizer breeding red spiders and an absolutely beautiful garden flower.  Fertile both ways…………$100.00