*TRANQUIL WATERS (Stamile,P) TET 1372-A {(Shimmering Elegance x Ed Brown) X [(Big Blue x Be Thine) x Chartered Course]}  29 MRe. fr. emo. SEv. 5 ½ x 3 ¼ x 2. 5-way branching. 25-30 buds.
     This beautiful deep mauve lavender with a gold edge is an important part of a program to achieve rich vibrant colors in the edges.
     TRANQUIL WATERS adds the cooling effect of lavender to the garden. This is always welcome among the warmer colors of the typical daylily garden. A standout because it is taller than most gold edged lavenders so can be used throughout the garden rather than just in the front of the border.Fertile both way.