*VILLA DEL SOL  (Stamile,P.) TET 7467  {Bill Norris X [Olympic Showcase x (Betty Warren Woods x Floyd Cove)]}  30” EERe. no fr. emo. Ev.  5 ½” x 3” x 2”.  4 way branching. 20-25 buds.  I have always been a big fan of the daylily BILL NORRIS.  I have used it extensively both ways in my crossing to go to the next generation and improve upon this wonderful cultivar.  VILLA DEL SOL was the first major improvement upon BILL NORRIS in getting deeper ruffling, a larger flower and a fuller form all without loosing the wonderful color of the pod parent.  Basically VILLA DEL
SOL is a more refined BILL NORRIS with deep looping ruffling, heavy sculpting, some embossing but with the same glowing gold color I really love.  An exciting cultivar that brings the bright golds to a new level.  Fertile both ways……………………………$100.00