*WINTER SPRINGS (Stamile,P.) TET 030-B {(Magic Amethyst x Lake Effect) x [(With This Ring x Big Blue) x Be Thine]} X (Big Sur x Great White)  29” Mre. Ev. fr.emo. 7” x 3¾” x 2¾”. 5 way branching. 40-45 buds.  WINTER SPRINGS is the largest cream white that we have done. This beautiful cream is suffused with both green and yellow. The flowers are extremely flat and possess exceptional substance for a near white.
 Coming from different blood lines than most near whites WINTER SPRINGS brings a very different look to both the garden and its seedlings. The seedlings are some of the very largest in this class – most over 7” and many with a strong green suffusion.  I have also taken WINTER SPRINGS into the pinks with great success. Again, it imparts exceptional size and substance. A gorgeous flower. Fertile both ways…………$150.00