Abraham Vanegas, Daylily
Full Shade
Abraham Vanegas, Daylily
Partial Sunlight

*Abraham Vanegas

* 'Abraham Vanegas’ (Peat, J. '17) ((‘Fortune's Dearest' x 'Barracuda Bay') x 'Spiny Sea Urchin’)) X (‘Larry’s Obsession x Vampire Diaries) 6” flower, 23” scape. EM, Fr. Sev-Dor., 4 way branching with 24 buds. Finally, ‘Abraham Vanegas’ is available, I had a waiting a list for this one but wanted to give everyone a chance at acquiring this beautiful near black with bright white teeth so held back an extra year and now it's available!

     This flower has has a wide stunning bright white edge with absolutley no GOLD in it! the edge surrounds both the petals and the sepals more clearly shown in the image on the right above. What a performer, if you look closely at the bottom left of the first image you can see the branching on the scape. The flower has a dark green throat  but what is most impressive is those bright white teeth!!!

     I named this flower after my best friend here in Canada, whom many in the World of Daylilies know from the Canadian-American Daylily Meeting as he was an integral part of organizing the meeting.

     I have loved this daylily since the day it first bloomed, it often puts on a show with multiple blooms open in a day. I had guested this plant with several people, however, only Jamie Gossard returned it and it’s increase enabling us to introduce this year. Spectacular Daylily.