Adorned in Fushica, Daylily
*Adorned in Fuchsia

* 'Adorned in Fuchsia' (Peat, J. ‘07) Sev., Fr., EM., Re., 23 in. sc.; 5.5 in. fl., 3 way branching with 21 buds. Appropriately named, this fuchsia flower is so brightly colored and has great substance. The very bright green throat bleeds out into the creamy watermark giving a green cast to what appears to the inner half of the flower. The end result is what appears to be a green flower inside a fuchsia flower. The wire gold edge adds to the charm of the flower. The fuchsia color is further enhanced by a slight lavender cast bringing nice glow to the petals. Pod and Pollen fertile. ('Moment in the Sun' x ('Saphire Skies' x 'Ted Gardian')) x ‘Summer in New Orleans’.