Balancing Act, Daylily
*Balancing Act

* 'Balancing Act' (Peat, J. ‘07) Sev., Fr., M., Re., 21 in. sc.; 7 in. fl., 3 way branching with 18 buds. These enormous coral-pink-red consistently double flowers that feel like they weigh 2.5 pounds and have amazingly sturdy scapes that never droop or flop over. The petals and sepals are beautifully ruffled, making the flower very full and give the appearance of an enormous bloom, that is if 7 inches wasn’t enough! The visitors this year went crazy over this one mainly because of it’s sheer size and grand appearance from a distance in the garden. Named ‘Balancing Act’ because no one could believe how heavy the flowers were and that the scapes always held up their weight. Amazing! Pod Fertile only. ‘Denali’ x ‘Formal Appearance’