Camaguay_Cabaret, Daylily
*Camagüey Cabaret

* 'Camagüey Cabaret' -  Sev., Fr., M., Re., 24 in. sc.; 5.5 - 6 in. fl., 4 way branching with 21 buds. This heavely ruffled flower often has large looping ruffles, and yet it rarely hangs. The large burgundy red eye has a velvety texture and gently bleeds out into the petal and sepals. The 1/4 inch burgundy-red edge is surrounded by a lightly surrated gold edge. A cream flower with a bold eyezone and edge, this flower stands out from across the garden. 'Lorikeet Springs' X ('Vivacious Pam' x 'Gavin Petit')