Chihuahua Dreams, Daylily
*Chihuahua Dreams

* 'Chihuahua Dreams’ (Peat, J. '10)  JP-07-34-VPMJCG SCDDLF - Sev., Fr., EM., Re., 27 inch scape 5.75 inch flower, 3-way branching with 24 buds. This quadruple-layered dark purple-black edged daylily, with a grey-cream band between two layers of the purple-black, is surrounded by a wire white serrated edge. What a fantastic plant habit -- sending up multiple scapes from a double division! The scapes mature and start blooming at different times throughout the season, thus giving a longer than normal bloom time. The huge eye zone on this creamy white flower with a faint peach-pink overlay is accented by a bright, light lime-green throat. ((Vivacious Pam x Meet Joe Black x Moments in the Sun)) x ((Sanctuary in the Clouds x (Didgeridoo x Lady Betty Fretz))