Custard Cream, Daylily
*Custard Cream

* 'Custard Cream’ (Peat, J. '10)  JP-A-01 ROCIEF2 UNMGP - Sev., Fr., EM., Re., 24 inch scape, 5.25 inch flower,  4 way branching with 26 buds.  This burgundy-rose flower features a striking appliqué throat that appears on both the petals and sepals. The eye zone is a lavender-blueish color accented by a band of darker burgundy below the eye zone and a band of darker purple surrounding the eye zone. The lavender-blueish eye zone is enhanced with darker, bright-purple veining. The petals have a wire gold, serrated edge. (‘Rippled Oasis’ x ‘Catcher in the Eye’)F2 X (Unknown x ‘Mardi Gras Ball’).