Danielle and Jacob, Daylily
Danielle and Jacob, Daylily
The Happy Couple on their wedding day,
with their Daylily name sake!

*Danielle and Jacob

* ‘Danielle and Jacob’ (Peat/Thompson, ’17) (Possum in a D-Cup x Double Dutch Supreme) JP-SD-02 - 6” flower, 24” scape. ML, Fr., 3 way branching with 17 buds.

     This burgundy double flower comes from the infamous 'Possum in a D-Cup' and she inherited that lighter ruffled white-gold edge only the teeth are serrated on ‘Danielle and Jacob”, however, if you notice on the petals there is a darker picotee edge and a wire white-gold edge which is mimicked on the petaloids. This 'peony' style double gets more double later in the season and sometimes throws a hose-in-hose flower (layered true petals). It has a darker eyezone above a dark green throat. Pod fertile and Pollen fertile (although usually only has 3 stamens to work with).

    Our Florida friend,  Colleen Schoessow’s Son, recently married the love of his life in a beautiful outdoor wedding. As I was photographing the wedding I realized that Jacob was “doubling” the size of his Household and I remembered a beautiful seedling that I had seen blooming in the garden the day before. I rushed over, and as fate would have it, several blooms were in their full glory! We appropriately named this beauty in their Honor!