Darkness Becomes Her, Daylily

*Darkness Becomes Her

* ‘Darkness Becomes Her’ (Peat, ’17) (Prince John x Forever Knight) JP-SD-19 - 6.5” flower, 25” scape. M, Fr., 4 way branching with 20 buds.

     I took Forever Knight to Prince John in hopes of widening up the petals on a near black, which worked. I got a dark burgundy, with a darker eyezone, dark veins and a tightly ruffled edge showing off some white teeth that are more numerous when the humidity rises.   I love the name ‘Darkness Becomes Her’, reminds of the movie “Death Becomes Her” with Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn two very Dark Characters in a humorous way. I didn’t think “Death Becomes Her” would be a good descriptive name of a living Daylily – so I went the “Darkness Becomes Her”.