Donnie Kaye's Smile, Daylily Donnie Kaye's Smile, Daylily
*Donnie Kaye's Smile *Donnie Kaye Pearson

* 'Donnie Kaye's Smile’ (Peat, J. '12)  Sev., Fr., M., Re., 23 in. sc.; 6 in. fl., 4 way branching with 30 buds.

     Tony Thompson loves this flower so much that when he is the garden I can never pollinate on her or use the pollen. 'Donnie Kaye's Smile' is named for a dear friend of Susie and Tony Thompson, whose smile can light up the room. It is a bright and cheery yellow that lights up the garden. This wide petalled flower has super thick substance and a beautifully ruffled edge that in the early morning shows off a bright lime green tint to it. The throat is a deep, dark green and the sepals and petals neatly roll back. Overall this flower is a real show stopper, very refined like the southern lady it is named for. Pod and Pollen fertile. Limited. 'Substance Galore' x ('Gringot's Gold' x 'Moment in the Sun')