Easterly Breeze, Daylily
*Easterly Breeze

* 'Easterly Breeze’ (Peat, J. '12) JP-07-20 - Sev., Fr., M., Re., 30 in. sc.; 6.5 to 7 in. fl., 4 way branching with 28 buds. A heavily ruffled cream-sherbert flower that, like it's parent 'Bermuda Breeze' never hangs. A dark burgundy eyezone has a wire edge of very dark burgundy surrounding it. The wire bugurgundy edge is surrounded by a bubbly, serrated gold edge. The throat or center in this case is a very dark green color. Fertile both ways. ‘Tony Thompson’ x (‘Bermuda Breeze' x ‘Romantic Moonbeams’).