Flying Bandit, Daylily
*Flying Bandit

* 'Flying Bandit’ (Peat, J. '10)  RW -  Sev., Fr., EM., Re., 28 in. Scape, 6.5 inch flower, 4 way branching with 30 buds. This large flower has a dark green throat blending to an appliqué yellow, surrounded by a large quadruple eye zone. The first band is of a charcoal grey bleeding into a white grey eye that is surrounded by a wire bluish-lavender band which is, in turn, surrounded by a bright, burgundy band bleeding out onto the petals. The veins within the eye zone match the inner band, whereas the veins in the petals match the outer band. The bluish-lavender band continues out onto the petal edges with the bright, burgundy band below it. A hint of a wire gold edge toward the petal and sepal tips can be seen. The eye zone is mimicked nicely on the sepals adding to the overall display.  (Rippled Oasis x Catcher in the Eye) x (Linda Sierra x Seedling).