Forever Knight, Daylily
*Forever Knight

* 'Forever Knight’ (Peat, J. '10)  Dor., Fr., ML.,  30 inch scape, 5.5 inch flower, 4 way branching with 25 buds. This extremely dark flower is near black in appearance when you first see it in the garden.  The quarter inch teeth and edges are pure white both on the sepals and petals. Upon closer study you see that there is still burgundy in the petal colors, but the initial shock value of the dark colour has created great excitement with garden visitors. The bright green throat glows, emanating from the center of the flower.

`Forever Knight` was named by Kathy McCartney after her favourite television show.   Kathy won the naming rights for this flower at the AHS National Meeting in Long Island, -- along with a double fan 2 years before introduction -- for her winning bid of $1,500.

This will prove to be a very important breeder as it is an under-the-ground dormant even in north Florida. This plant was so popular I loaned fans out to Ted Petit, Larry Grace, Nicole Harry and Linda Agin early as they were rather persistent with me.  After the sink hole disasters several years ago in the Macintosh area,  I believe that it is wise to have the best thing I have ever created located and growing in different geographical areas to guarantee its survival. Pod and pollen fertile, Forever Knight is a fabulous increaser as well. ((Larry’s Obsession x (‘Barracuda Bay’ x ‘Fortune’s Dearest’)) x ‘Larry’s Obsession’.