Indecent Proposal, Daylily
*Indecent Proposal

* 'Indecent Proposal' -  Sev., Fr., EM., Re., 23 in. sc.; 6 in. fl., 3 way branching with 16 buds.  This watermelon red flower has a deep red eyezone that bleeds red into the yellow to green throat. The petals and sepals are surrounded by a serrated gold ruffled edge.   A darker red picottee of 1/4" lines the gold serrated edge on the petals and is lightly mimicked on the sepals. 'Indecent Proposal' often sports tiny golden sharks teeth, a must for those breeding red eyed, sharks tooth full formed flowers. 'Vivacious Pam' x ('Meet Joe Black' x  Larry Grace Seedling)