Independent Knowledge, Daylily
*Independent Knowledge

* 'Independent Knowledge’ (Peat, J. '12) JP-11-04 - Sev-Dor., Fr., M., Re., 32 in. sc.; 5.75 in. fl., 4 way branching with 30 buds. I love the sharks teeth on the near blacks and will probably never stop breeding them until I get a 12 inch bloom on a real black. Here is another in my black breeding with heavy sharks teeth. A dark purple with dark black-purple veining. The petals and sepals are surrounded by a large white edge riddled in white sharks teeth and knobs. Stunning. Fertile both ways.  (‘Fortune's Dearest' x 'Baracuda Bay') x 'Spiny Sea Urchin’)) X (‘John Peat' x 'Baby Jane Hudson').