Mango Delight, Daylily
*Mango Delight

* 'Mango Delight' -  Sev., Fr., EM., Re., 18 in. sc.; 6.5 in. fl., 3 way branching with 18 buds.  This flower has a super ruffled, gold edge that never hangs due to it's plastic substance. The overall color is a cream, mango-sherbert that is very cooling to the eye. A burgundy red eyezone and picotee edge combined with gold edge helps with the soothing look of 'Mango Delight'. The yellow to very dark green throat below the light burgundy red eyezone really compliments the flower nicely. 'Mango Delight' blooms from early may until mid October. 'South Beach Sunset' x 'Tony Thompson'