Molson Canadian, Daylily
*Molson Canadian

* ‘Molson Canadian’ (Peat, J. '08) JP-07-37 - Sev., Fr., M., Re., 25 in. sc.; 5.75 in. fl., 4 way branching with 30 buds. A cream pink with a large chevron burgundy red eyezone and matching bubbly red picotee edge. The chevron eyezone extends far out on the petals almost extending to the petal edge and is mimicked on the sepals. The midribs in the eyezone are more of a burgundy lavender mix.  The red bubbly edge is surrounded by a golden-white, shiny, diamond dusted wire edge often sporting tiny little sharks teeth. The large yellow to green throat is also chevron shaped. Pod and Pollen fertile. ‘Vivacious Pam X (Cindy Grace x Meet Joe Black).