Natural Magic, Daylily
*Natural Magic

* 'Natural Magic’ (Peat, J. '12) JP-11-15 - Sev., Fr., EM., Re., 30 in. sc.; 5.5 in. fl., 4 way branching with 25 buds. A wide pedaled nicely ruffled red-burgundy flower with dark red veining and a gold-white sharks tooth edge which also appears on the sepals which sport a few sharks teeth. The darker red eyezone has a whitish watermark above the dark yellow lime green center. I apologize for the blurry picture but as you can see in the bottom left of the flower, I had a little helper in the garden who thought it was great fun to crawl up the scapes as I was doing my photography. Fertile both ways. ‘Larry's Obsession’ x (‘JT Davis' x ('Meet Joe Black' x 'Cherry Valentine)).