Prince John, Daylily
*Prince John

* ‘Prince John’ (Peat, J. '08) - Sev., Fr., M., Re., 30 in. sc.; 5.75 in. fl., 5 way branching with 30 - 35 buds. This is one of those Daylilies that everyone fought over pollinating on the garden, not a day went by without every single one of the blooms being pollinated on. A rich velvety red flower with heavy substance and wide petals and sepals, opening flat every day with the sepals gently rolling back. 'Prince John' put on a strong show with multiple blooms every day and 2-3 rebloom scapes throughout the bloom season. The 1/2 inch bright gold refined, yet crisp edge and yellow to green throat really makes this a stunning flower! Nicely ruffled and very heavy substance holding beautifully in the Florida sun. Strong Rebloomer! Pod and Pollen fertile. Very resistant to rust. 'Passion in Paris' x 'Streetcar Named Desire'