REO Speedwagon, Daylily
REO Speedwagon, Daylily
REO Speedwagon, Daylily REO Speedwagon, Badge

*REO Speed Wagon

* ‘REO Speed Wagon’ (Peat, ’17) (Prince John x Streetcar Named Desire) X Symphony of Fire - JP2-1609 - 7.25” flower, 27” scape. M., Sev., Re., Fr.,  3 way branching with 23 buds.

     This large beautifully ruffled red never hangs up despite having a loopy edge. I love the candy apple red color above the lime green throat, like combining a “granny smith” with a “red delicious”. The ¼” edge is gold in color bleeding into the petal to almost white. This is another flower that Tony Thompson would basically body check me this year when I went to pollinate on it. So again, I let him name this flower because he was so enamored with it. Below are his feelings about the flower:

     “I always loved the music of the band ‘REO Speedwagon’, but was intrigued by the unusual name and wondered where it came from. While on a Tour of the Jack Daniels Distillery, I spotted an old red Firetruck. Although it was built in the early 1900’s, the intensity of the color immediately caught the attention of everyone that was there. As I walked to the front of the Truck I saw the name, ‘REO Speed Wagon’! This beautiful flower will capture the attention of all the visitors to your Garden in much the same way.”