Raoul the Pool Boy, Daylily
*Raoul the Pool Boy

* ‘Raoul the Pool Boy’ (Peat, J. '08) JP-07-02 - Sev., Fr., M., Re., 28 in. sc.; 6.5 in. fl., 4 way branching with 29 buds. A very large cream with a purplish-pink overlay and a larger purple eyezone. The eyezone is trying to be complex showing off a smaller, lighter,  reddish-orange-burgundy eye just above the yellow to green center and below the huge purple eye. The dark black-purple picotee is a 1/2 inch thick and is surrounded bye a wire gold serrated edge. Nicely ruffled all the way into the throat. Very prolific like it's parent 'Jammin' with Jane'. Pod and Pollen fertile. (‘Jammin’ with Jane’ x ‘Adventures with Ra’) x ‘Gavin Petit’.
    Below is a picture of the real 'Raoul the Pool Boy'. A very good friend of mine lost Raoul to illness last summer and asked that I name a flower after him. A really loving and sweet dog who often frequented the patio at the local Restaraunt.