Casino Niagara, Daylily
*Scintillating Personality

* ‘Scintillating Personality’ (Peat, J. '09)  - Sev., Fr., M., Re., 30 in. sc.; 6 in. fl., 5 way branching with 32 buds. A beautifully ruffled  coral-red. The gold edge never hangs and often produces an "owl ear" on the upper right petal. The sepals are lightly ruffled but are often hidden by the super wide petals of ‘Scintillating Personality’. This flower comes from some of the finest reds ever produced and it really shows in the gold edge of this flower. Fertile both ways. ‘Prince John’ x [‘Born to Run ‘x (‘Streetcar Named Desire’ x ‘Alexa Kathryn’)].