Sophia Armenis
*Sophia Armenis
* 'Sophia Armenis' - Sev., Fr., E., 23 in. sc.; 5.5 in fl., 3 way branching with 24 buds. A striking candy apple red chevron eye above the deep green throat jumps out of this peach pink flower. A wire golden white edge surrounds the candy apple red 1/2 inch picotee. The extremely clear eye and edge are the texture of lipstick and capture your attention from a great distance. The pencil thin center of the midribs are red with a hint of burgundy purple. Named for a good friend that has colorful personality, much like the clean, clear color of the eyezone and edge of these flowers. Fertile both ways, a strong grower. ‘Must Be Magic’ X (‘Didgeridoo’ x Cherry Valentine)