Sunset Moth, Daylily
*Sunset Moth

* 'Sunset Moth’ (Peat, J. '10)  RPS SofP - Sev., Fr., EM., Re., 30 inch scape, 5.75 inch flower,  3-way branching with 27 buds. Sunset Moth boasts a five banded complex eye zone that is mimicked and clearly displayed on the sepals, making this plant a standout in complex eye breeding. The different shades of charcoal-purple, purple, grey-blue and burgundy are stunning above the dark green throat. The grey-blue butterfly looking patches are metallic and sheen in the sunshine like fish scales. 'Sunset Moth' is named after a brightly coloured moth found in South America, as the patterned and banded eye zone reminds of a specimen of this moth which is hanging on my wall in my butterfly collection. (Rippled Oasis x Shadows of the Pyramid).