Triple Flaming Sevens, Daylily
*Triple Flaming Sevens

* 'Triple Flaming Sevens’ (Peat, J. '12) JP-07-27 - Sev., Fr., EM., Re., 29 in. sc.; 6 in. fl., 4 way branching with 30 buds. A cream flower with a huge dark candy-apple red eyezone and a wide quarter inch red picottee and a wire gold edge. Below the large red eyezone there is a watermark of reddish-orange above a bright green center. The red eyezone is mimicked on the sepals which roll back just enough so you can still see the eyezone. Nicely ruffled. Fertile both ways. (‘Vivacious Pam’ x ('Meet Joe Black' x 'Moment in the Sun')) X (‘Meet Joe Black' x 'Darla Anita')