Una_Semana_con_Juan Una Semina Con Juan
*Una Semana con Juan
* 'Una Semana con Juan' -  Dor., Fr., EM., Re., 18 in. sc.; 4.5 - 5 in fl., 3 way branching with 18 buds. This is one of the blackest flowers I have ever seen in daylilies. The dark purple, near black flowers have a very velvety texture with a lightly ruffled edge and super florescent green throat.  Often (35%) double later in the season, this smaller flower is so black it will standout amongst most all daylilies and holds extremely well in the sun. This is a fantastic daylily to plant in front of all its taller cousins.

Named by Tony & Susie Thompson, 'Una Semana con Juan' (A Week with John), after Susie spent her first week visiting during a peak bloom season. Susie fell in love with this flower and demanded a piece of it to be grown in Alabama, they studied it for two years and decided that name had to reflect the memorable occasion of Susie’s first visit. [('Midnight Magic' x 'Spring Rite') F2] X ('Trials of Life' x ' Susan Pritchard Petit')