Wanna Buy a Duck, Daylily
Taken in Shade
Wanna Buy a Duck, Daylily
Taken in Partial Sun

*Wanna Buy a Duck

* ‘Wanna Buy a Duck’ (Peat, ’17) Applique Blues x (Todd Fox X Bogart) 7850 - 5.5” flower, 23” scape. M., Sev., Fr., 4 way branching 25 buds.

     Another of my applique throats from ‘Applique Blues’ although it has the blackest of eyezones coming from the other parent. It’s almost a bitone although subtle, with dark plum purple petals the sepals are a brighter purple. This flower has very heavy substance and the applique throat and eyezone are mimicked on the sepals. The edge is a serrated white.

     “Wanna buy a duck” is an expression made famous by the zany comedian Joe Penner. Penner was a national craze during 1933-34. Penner was noted for his famed catch phrase, "Wanna buy a duck?" There is no deep social meaning in his comedy, no shades of subtlety - just utter slapstick foolishness! Consider that as you walk thru the Garden, ALL seriousness aside, and enjoy the beauty of this flower. SMILE, HAVE FUN, WANNA BUY A DUCK?”