Champagne And Caviar (Peat '02)
*CHAMPAGNE AND CAVIAR  - [Least Expected X (Sultry Smile X Sultry Smile)] 22"sc., MRe, 6"fl., 3 way branching, 26+ buds. This cream peach flower is never left on its scape. It is picked every day without fail and used in my hybridizing program. The bubbly, ruffled edges on this flower are of a deep smoky plum in color, highlighted in gold and having the texture of rubber. It is always so tempting to squeeze those edges, as the texture looks and feels so much like rubber. The dark smoky plum eyezone and edges above the dark green throat present a striking contrast to the cream peach petal self making CHAMPAGNE AND CAVIAR stands out from several flower beds away. Fertile both ways.