*Complicated Lifestyles

COMPLICATED LIFESTYLES {Mardi Gras Ball x [(Dripping with Gold) x (Sylvan Delight X Tet. Siloam Virginia Henson)]} Tet. Sev. EM. 5.5" fl. 22" sc. 18+ buds. This ornate double edged, heavily ruffled light lavender purple is very complicated. A dark lavender purple eye and picotee of the same color adds to the complexity - making this my pride and joy for this year. The second gold edge is extremely ornate, bubbly, looped, tightly crimped with the ruffles extending one third of the way into the petal. Often this flower will have hooks and knobs on the edge, and pleating down deep into the dark green throat. This flower is an even more dramatic presence in the garden than its famous parent MARDI GRAS BALL.