Nifty Niner, Daylily
*Nifty Niner

* ‘Nifty Niner’ (JP-07-18) Sev., M., 28 in. sc., 5 - 5.5 in. fl. 20 - 25 buds. This a nine petaled hose-and-hose flower trying to go to twelve petals. The petals gently roll back giving the appearance of a rose. A bright peach flower with an orange cast, a darker burgundy-purple eyezone and a wire gold edge. The flowers are always hose-in-hose with a petal count of nine, but often have the peony style doubling in the throat. Fertile both ways. [(‘Susan Pritchard Petit’ x ‘Formal Appearance’) x ‘Leader of the Pack’] x ‘Una Semana con Juan’.