Playful Piranha, Daylily
*Playful Piranha

* ‘Playful Piranha’ Sev., Fr., M., 27 in. sc.; 5.5 - 6 in. fl., 3 -4 way branching with 29-35+ buds. These burgundy-pink flowers have a large dark burgundy- red eyezone that darkens and bleeds out along the veins. The eyezone lightens as it moves into the bright chartreuse-dark green throat. What I found exciting about ‘Piranha Power’ was that the flower is surrounded by a golden-white ruffled, toothy and knobby edge on a reddish eyed flower. The reddish eyezone and lavender-red petals are very important in the shark’s toothy flowers as the majority of shark’s teeth are found on dark purple to black flowers, a very important break for me. Fertile both ways. [(‘Vivacious Pam’ x ‘Meet Joe Black’) x ‘Moment in the Sun’] X [(‘Fortune’s Dearest’ x ‘Barracuda Bay’) x Mort’s Masterpiece’].