Point Pelee, Daylily
*Point Pelee

* ‘Point Pelee’ (SofP x DD/AD) Sev. EM., 30 in. sc., 5.5 - 6 in.  fl. 30 buds. With soft, clear, creamy, faint-yellow petals the complex banded eyezone stands out clearly. The outer band of dark purple always displays the distinct vampire teeth like points on either side of the mid-ribs. The eyezone is made up of dark grape-purple, grey-blue, and a bright yet dark wine-purple above a grass green glowing throat. The pattern of the eyezone is further accented in that it is mimicked on the gently rolled back sepals. Sinfully fertile both ways. ‘Shadow of the Pyramids’ x (‘Didgeridoo’ x ‘Another Distraction’).