Possum in a D-cup, Daylily
*Possum in a D-cup

* ‘Possum in a D-Cup’ (JP-06-12) Sev., M., 27 in. sc., 6 - 6.5 in. fl.  The flowers start the season as a rich burgundy to rose-purple and slowly soften to a rose pink as the season progresses.  The petals carry a pronounced toothy-gold edge.  The flowers also have a large lighter watermark and a green throat.  Very prolific grower. The large blooms are very distinctive and striking. The teeth are so pronounced on this flower when naming it all I could think of is the sharp and pointy teeth of the possum, hence the name Possum in a D-Cup - named after a baby possum that we found in the bedroom one night stuck in Susie’s bra. Fertile both ways. (‘Susan Pritchard-Petit’ x ‘Cardassian Border’) x ‘Balancing Act’.