Romantic Moonbeams, Daylily
*Romantic Moonbeams

* ‘Romantic Moonbeams’ (JP-05-13) Sev.,  Fr.,  M., 30 in. sc.; 5.75 - 6  in., fl.; The color of this bi-tone flower is very hard to describe as it is a peachy-orange with a burnt-almond overcast.  The deep, dark green throat is accented by a purple chevron shaped eyezone. It finishes with a double edge of purple and gold with a hint of lavender-blue that is heavily ruffled near the tip of the petals where the edge can be a full half-inch in width. The picotee is surrounded by quarter-inch tightly ruffled gold edges.
  Fertile both ways. ('Douglas Lycette' X 'Mrs. John Cooper') X [('Oriental Opulence' x 'Clothed in Glory') x Tony Thompson].