Spirit Folk (Peat '02)
*SPIRIT FOLK - [(Kyoto Garden x Elusive Dream) x Splendid Touch] X Golden Epaulets} 27"sc., EM, 7.5"fl., 3-4 way branching, 20+ buds. A thick petaled spider like flower that holds well after a wind blown rainy day due to heavy substance. It has white wire edges and deep burgundy purple veining extending from a deeper burgundy eyezone above a faint purple halo and a yellow to bright green, star-shaped throat. As the weather warms, large single sharks’ teeth form on the petal edges, appearing ominously razor-sharp. The sepals are slightly spooned and carry the white wire edges and star-shaped throat. Spider breeders would be most interested in this flower as its pod parent, GOLDEN EPAULETS, is a double spider. Although it is pollen fertile, I have found it to be a difficult pod parent in Florida.