*Spoons for Escargots

SPOONS FOR ESCARGOTS {[Misty Memories x (Lynn Wright x Mardi Gras Ball)] x Swirling Spider)} Tet. Dor. M. 7" fl. 28" sc. 15+ buds. Recurrent. This flower is clearly an ‘unusual form class’ daylily, which has excited me since the day it first bloomed, with the possibilities it may provide. The petal self is of a rose color with darker veining and a large deep rose eye found on both the petals and sepals. The large light lime green throat causes this flower to jump out of the garden in a playful manner. The sepals are not only quilled but also spatulate as seen here in the picture. As the plant becomes established, it acts more like an ‘unusual  formed class’ daylily such that every day it performs a little differently. A very showy flower with petals shorter then the sepals and its large rose eye.