Tijuana Dreams, Daylily
*Tijuana Dreams

* 'Tijuana Dreams' (22) EM, Re., 25 in. sc., 5.5 - 6 in. fl., Hard dormant with 3 lateral and 3 top branches, 30+ buds. This deep, bright lavender-purple flower is one of the rubber edged daylilies so many of our garden visitors have drooled over and are waiting for.  It has a huge orange watermark above a small green throat and the heavily ruffled edge is a tangerine-orange with the substance of rubber. The contrast between the purple and the tangerine-orange edge makes this flower positively glow.  'Tijuana Dreams' is a hard dormant and will perform best in gardens north of the Florida border because of its need for a good stretch of cold to increase well.  Fertile both ways. 'Eternity Shadow' x ('Sultry Smile' x 'Sultry Smile').