Wild and Wacky, Daylily
*Wild and Wacky

* ‘Wild and Wacky’ Sev., - Fr. EM., Re. 25 in. sc.; 5.75 in. fl. 3 way branching with 30+ buds. The appliqué patterned eyezone is dissected by the lavender-blue mid-ribs. There is a burgundy stippled eyezone just above the dark green throat. The appliqué pattern is above the stippled eyezone but accented by a large wide multi-banded lavender-blue and  dark purple eyezone which is further enhanced by dark purple veins. The eye pattern is mimicked on all of the sepals continuing to show off an explosion of color jutting out from the dark green throat. Very fertile both ways. ‘Rippled Oasis’ x ('Meet Joe Black' x 'Catcher in the Eye').