Small World Eyes in the Sky Small World Eyes in the Sky

*Small World Eyes in the Sky
* ‘Small World Eyes in the Sky’ (Miller, M., ’12) Tet., sw-sp-888-t-08 (‘Small World Hot Lips X ‘Free Wheeling’) Sev., Em., Re., 56”, 9”, 4-6 way branching, 30-35 BC. What sets this golden yellow with a wine red eye apart from the rest is how tall it is at 56” .You can see by the picture that it makes for a real showy clump. One thing I have started to talk about is getting daylilies that perform in the north and not just make it over the winter. Performance hardy is what I mean. Just having one that makes it over the winter is not good any more. We want them to bloom there heads off and repeat bloom and ever thing. (Have your cake and eat it too). A must have for people looking to add in the tall ones. Fertile both ways.