Small World Brenden
*Small World Brenden
*‘SMALL WORLD BRENDEN’ (Miller, M., ’10) Tet., sw-92-t-06 (‘Small World Brian’ X ‘Small World Matthew’) Dor., M., Re., 40”, 6”, 6-way branching, 38 BC. Cream with a peachy pink tint, extra large gold edge and a  green throat. This is one awesome daylily. May have the best plant habit I have ever seen. Makes huge fans. Bigger than the Florida boys can grow them  --  and mine’s not pumped up to get them to do it. It’s with no real care.  I’m happy to report that it produced pods for the first time this year  -- and lots of them. It has to be at clump strength to get pods. Named for an awesome kid, my best buddy, my nephew “ BOOBOO.” A must have. And it does pass on that great plant habit to its kids. I have tons of great keepers from this. Fertile both ways.