Small World Dream World
*Small World Dream World
*‘SMALL WORLD DREAM WORLD’ (Miller, M., ’10) Tet., sw-13-t-06 (‘Light Motif’ X ‘Shores of Time’) Sev., M., Re., 40”, 5.75”, 4-way branching, 25 BC. Pink with a pink watermark, green throat and a extra large toothy edge. Best Edge….who needs it when you have this one.  The edge is just out of this world. Great color. The pink watermark sets it off. As you can see, you have a TOOTH-like edge on it. You will not find a better edged daylily in the world. The bar has been set. Catch me if you can. And yes, it is tall. I wonder how the Best Edge kids will turn out?….WOW I can’t wait. Also it does pass green on to the edges of its kids. This cultivar is only available with orders of $1,500 with this $300 cultivar part of that $1,500. Supply is very limited, so don’t wait to order.  It would be a shame to miss out on this one. Easy fertile both ways.