Small World Ellen Brous
*Small World Ellen Brous
*‘SMALL WORLD ELLEN BROUS’ (Miller, M., 09) Tet., sw-24-t-06 (Tet GJO x ‘Gemini Jack’ ) Re., Em., Dor., 33 in., 4 in 5-way branching carrying 25 buds. This is our first double introduction. I want to let you know what David Kirchoff said about it.  He was here for the Reg. 3 tour and when he saw ‘SMALL WORLD ELLEN BROUS’ He said he wanted me to put it up for a JC. He said get me a piece of paper and he made up a sign and made me put it on it. I don’t know if it will get the JC but a lot of judges said they loved it. I think David knows good doubles and I will leave it at that. Fertile both ways. Great plant habit and doubles 100% of the time. A must have. And is named after a wonderful lady and a great friend.